Alexander Acha Named Mr. Amigo 2023

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  • From: July 7, 2023
  • To: April 22, 2024
  • Starting at: 12:00 PM
  • Finishing at: 02:00 PM


  • Brownsville Museum of Fine Art
  • 660 E Ringgold St,
  • Brownsville, Texas
  • 78520

Alexander Acha Named Mr. Amigo 2023

Earlier today, award-winning singer-songwriter, Alexander Acha was named Mr. Amigo 2023 at the official announcement and poster unveiling ceremony hosted by Mr. Amigo Association, the Mexican Consulate and City of Brownsville at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts.  

“Alexander Acha is a passionate music enthusiast shown through his beautiful songwriting talent, production abilities and gifted singing,” said Mr. Amigo Association President, Graciela Salazar. “He will be in Brownsville the first weekend of August for our Mr. Amigo festivities”.

The festivities will be held Aug. 2-6, 2023, on dates that coincide with the United Nations International Week of Friendship. The UN marks the International Week of Friendship as a week to encourage governments, international organizations, and civil society groups to hold events, activities, and initiatives that contribute to promoting a dialogue, solidarity, and a mutual understanding in the fostering of an international community. 

The United Nations General Assembly was inspired by the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. The mission of International Day of Friendship is a perfect fit with the Mr. Amigo Association’s mission.

Since 1964, the Association has bestowed the title of Mr. Amigo to a Mexican citizen who has contributed to the friendship between the United States and Mexico. 

On October 12, 1964, Mexican President Miguel Aleman Valdes was inducted as the first Mr. Amigo honoree.  In a series of quaint ceremonies that took place over several days, the Mr. Amigo Association set its precedence to uphold and celebrate the lives and accomplishments of remarkable Mexican individuals who, through their professions have committed to broaden international goodwill amongst its neighboring countries.  

In 1967 Hurricane Beulah wreaked havoc in the region and was recorded as one of the strongest storms on record to ever hit Brownsville.  This compelled the Mr. Amigo Association to move its Fall festivities to the Spring of 1968, where they joined in the week-long celebration of the existing Charro Days Fiesta. 

After a long and fruitful run, that has endured over half a century of magical moments during Charro Days, the Mr. Amigo Association decided it was time to rekindle its roots and let the winds of change once again set a new course back to its season of origin.  

Ushering a new era for the Mr. Amigo Association, is a young, talented individual with a somewhat familiar face and voice. Despite his uncanny resemblance to his legendary father, this rising star is shining brighter than ever and writing his own story as one of the most prolific, young contemporary artists to hail from Mexico. 

The Mr. Amigo Association is proud to present the 58th recipient of the Mr. Amigo honor to Latin Grammy award winner, Alexander Acha.  

Raúl Alexander Acha Alemán-Johnson was born in Mexico City on January 25, 1985.  A quintessential artist, Alexander began his musical career at the age of 5 when he took up singing and playing percussion. By the age of 15 he was playing guitar and receiving vocal training at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.  Acha continued his musical development at the Fermatta Music University Center in Mexico City where he further enhanced his piano and composition prowess.

In his illustrious career, Alexander Acha has produced movie soundtracks including the highly acclaimed big screen production of “Tepeyac”, worked with famed movie producer, Jorge Aragon, as well as appearing as a panelist on La Academia (the Mexican version of “The Voice”).  He also performed alongside his legendary father, Emmanuel, for his Dad’s MTV Unplugged album.

A devout man of faith, Alexander attends mass regularly and is incessantly involved in social initiatives including being the spokesperson for Sanofi, a French multinational healthcare company and Red Familia, an organization that links other groups that defend and promote the family institution through various activities.  It deals with the promotion of human life, childhood, women, comprehensive education, marriage, family, and human rights.

Alexander Acha joins a long list of Mr. Amigo honorees including his father Emmanuel, Mr. Amigo 1985. Other Mexican personalities who have received this recognition are Cantinflas (1965), Raul Velasco (1973), Vicente Fernandez (1977), Juan Gabriel (1983), Lucia Mendez (1987), Juan Manuel “Mijares” Moran (1995), Aida Cuevas (2002), Lucero (2006), Arturo Elías Ayub (2018), Julio César Chávez (2019) and Bianca Marroquin (2022).

The selection process for Mr. Amigo is initiated every year by the President and the Selection Committee composed of four past presidents of the Mr. Amigo Association. The Committee seeks to designate an individual who promotes the improvement of the quality of life in the Hispanic Community and stands as a role model for citizens of the United States and Mexico. The recipient must also be a Mexican citizen who has contributed to the friendship and understanding of the U.S. and Mexico, and has excelled in their profession, exemplifying the highest standards in their personal and professional life.

The Mr. Amigo Association is a non-profit organization managed and organized solely by community volunteers.  For more information visit MrAmigo.com.


 About Mr. Amigo Association

The mission of the Mr. Amigo Association is to promote the international friendship and goodwill which has long existed between the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico as noted on international endeavors of culture, commerce, entertainment and other meaningful bi-national dialogue, all of which profess the mutual love and respect between its people.  Hence, the Mr. Amigo Association honors annually a distinguished Mexican citizen whose life work embodies those very human qualities and is honored and recognized with the Mr. Amigo bronze plaque and other expressions of friendship.